Magazine IT Manager

IT Manager

IT Manager provides innovative IT examples and solutions resulting in increased efficiency, productivity and revenue. It is a unique place for discussing all the aspects of life of an IT department. It can be called a manual for CIO. The main task of IT Manager is to contribute to active communication between customers and providers of IT products and services.

Target Audience

  • IT-Directors and top management of IT-departments in every industry, CEOs
  • All employees of large and middle companies

Success Factors

  • IT Manager is affiliated with 17 CIO clubs and Russian Union of CIO.
  • IT Manager is the premier information partner of the main Russian and regional CIO forums.
  • IT Manager gives information not only about technical aspects of business but also about ethical and psychological sides of such profession as CIO. It tells about CIO’s interests, views and relationships at work and at home.

Publication frequency: monthly
Size of magazine: 59–96 pages
Circulation: 10 000 copies