FineStreet media group was established in 1993. The first published edition was “Express Electronica” magazine which focused on networking, microprocessor industry and mobile technologies.

At the end of 1990s separate magazine with the focus on electronical components started to exist. Despite the belief that IT specialists need only emotionless information and don’t pay attention on print and paper it was decided to make the edition full-colored and highly qualitative. The first issue of ‘Components and Technologies” new magazine was released in 1999. The next year it became one of the leaders in the segment of specialized IT media.

So Media Group has been developing and launching new editions and portals till nowadays. Firstly every year we felt more and more strong influence of IT technologies on our life and on business. We understood that newly formed CIOs and IT departments needed to exchange experience and opinions. That’s why in 2002 we started to issue IT Manager magazine. And less than in a year we launched one more project IT News newspaper. At that time the content of “Express Electronica” was written for ordinary users and the magazine was re-named for IT Expert.

In 2003 we made a decision to risk and to try ourselves in the new sphere of design and interior and released “Residential Area” magazine. Nowadays it is one of the leaders in Saint – Petersburg among interior media and the organizer of the Week of Design.

Nowadays FineStreet media group focuses on 3 main segments:

  • Electronical components and industrial automation
  • Informational technologies
  • Design and interior

FineStreet media group has a special department for organizing and conducting different kinds of events. Highly professional specialists, experience and creativity form the key to our success. We also offer services in making and printing promotional products.
Our mission is to providing specialists with convenient and efficient professional information.